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OBM130 Full Automatic Bailing Machine


General Information

The Full Automatic Bailing Machine is producing a big bag from roll formed packaging material. The smaller already packed packages coming from one or several packaging machines are packed into the one big bag as in the desired order and shape.

Please check the sections in below for more details.
Bag Positioning SystemServo Counter and Distributor System
Suitable Products for Bailing MachineAll kind of packed products
Bailing Pack ShapePillow Bag, Standup Bag
Bailing Speed 4-6 b/p/m
Packaging MaterialLDPE – Min 75 Micron
Width of the Roll & DiameterWidth : 1350mm – Diameter : 400mm
Pack SizesMin : 120mm – Max : 280mm
Max. Dimensions of the Bail450x650x200mm
Each Bag WeightMin 200gr – Max 5000gr
Max. Bail Weight 30 kg
Machine Dimensions6100x2950x2970mm
Machine Weight1.750 kg
Pneumatic SystemFESTO
Control SystemSIEMENS / OMRON
Powe Supply & Consumption380V AC/50Hz–6 kw
Air Supply & Consumption6 Bar – 450 lt/min
» Modifications are easy and efficient
» Machines can easily integrated with production lines or cartoning systems.
» Machines are manufactured according to the CE Regulations and Safety Standarts.
» Easy and quick to change the bailing types with the recipe system.
» Easily counting and positioning with Servo System helps to change the bail types.
» Speed controlling system.
» Full Automatic Roll Centering System
» End of Roll warning system with LED and Audio Alarm
» Easy Roll changing System
» Functioning with or without photocell
» Level Controll System
» Product protection systems can be easily integrated.
» Communication ability with SAP systems.
» Full Automatic working principle is reducing labor cost.
» Reduces Packaging Material Costs.
» PLC and HMI interfaces are easy to use.
» End of Roll warning system with LED and Audio Alarm
» Distance Controlling Systems helps to reduce service time and cost.
» Full automatic counting system guarantees quantities.