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Shrink Wrapping Machines


General Information

The Shrink packaging machines are produced as; semi-automatic, full automated front-feed, and more other new different feeding types. They are able to pack carton, pans, cans, glass bottles, jars, plastic bottles, used in the food, chemical, cosmetic, textile and stationery products. Printed or polyethylene (PE) is used in the packaging which will be wrapped with PVC or polyolefin film packaging materials. Shrink machines have different sizes according to the size of the product to be packaged.
Packaging Material PE, PVC, and other shrinkable materials
Max. Width 650 mm.
Max. Package Dimension 500 x 1200 x 450 mm.
Conveyor Speed Can be calibrated between 1,7 - 4,2 meters / minute
Type of ConveyorGrid Bando r Bar
Sealing Jaw Teflon Coated hot sealing bar
Packing Speed7-12 p/p/m
Electricity Supply3x380 Volt AC / N / PE
Electricity Consumption8 KW / h
Machine Dimensions1300 x 3800 x 2100 mm
Machine Weight900 kg.